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Rodale, Inc.

Early Learning Center Emmaus, PA 2000

This new 160-child day care facility includes facilities for infants, young and older toddlers, pre-school, and kindergarten age children. The 15,000 sq. ft. building has a centrally located multi-purpose room, kitchen, laundry, staff room, adult restrooms, and two enclosed outdoor play areas. By virtue of an under-slab radiant heating system, floors and child-height air strata are kept temperate and draft free. Much of the lighting is indirect so as to reduce glare. The multi-purpose room offers opportunities for indoor group activities.

In keeping with Rodale’s corporate philosophy, this child care center utilizes green building strategies to maximize recycled materials and complies with Pennsylvania’s new green guidelines for indoor air quality

The buildings materials and colors were selected to compliment Rodale’s nearby South Mountain Center office center. The new building meets the ground plane with a durable brick veneer base with limestone cap trim; the predominant material is stucco. Dormers and a cupola break down the scale of the large roof form. The dormers bring natural light into the building’s interior spaces.