About Us

At WKL our approach to projects is based on analyzing the objectives in the context of the project's resources and constraints, and developing design solutions that respond appropriately. We delight in the artful joinery of materials and the technical challenges of creating built environments for dwelling, working, healing, learning, and playing.

We nurture respectful, ethical, and creative relationships among all persons associated with projects, including employees, owners, contractors, crafts persons on the project, and users. We are cognizant of the effect of our designs on the environment. We encourage the responsible use of resources during design, construction and operation of facilities.

Our Services

We take pride in providing design solutions that often transcend the ordinary while responding to specific program needs, budgets, site contexts, codes, maintenance issues, and future development. We offer architectural services for:

  • Construction of new facilities
  • Renovation and adaptive reuse
  • Master planning and land planning
  • Historic preservation
  • Urban design
  • Interior design