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Hildebrandt Learning Centers

Corporate Offices Dallas, PA 2006

Hildebrandt Learning Center’s new corporate headquarters provides office space for the managerial staff of this 500-person employer based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The building occupies a prominent hillside overlooking the Dallas Highway, the arterial state route which links Wilkes-Barre to the several suburban towns collectively known as the Back Mountain Area.

Located in Dallas proper - the hub of these western suburbs - this new building is the first in a new 35-acre business park and is situated adjacent to the new park’s entrance. Our client saw an opportunity to develop a structure whose scale and imagery recalls the character of the original town-center buildings in these farming communities which first flourished after the Civil War.

Simple forms and detailing and muted colorations allow the building to develop a contemporary crispness while still speaking to local building traditions. A stone veneer base and deep overhangs ground the building to the site, the windowed cupola providing another in a series of similar vertical punctuations.