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Northeastern, PA 2011

Situated in a private 16-acre subdivision in the dense woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, this uniquely composed home appears as a "found object" in contrast with its natural wooded surroundings. The building site's large stone outcropping allows for a "lofty" tree-house feeling to be achieved. Appearing to be landing or taking off, the building invites entrance either at the high end of the site on one end, while soaring over the extreme sloping hillside through the trees, to the wooded meadows below.

The client, an avid art collector, charged us to "Design art that can be lived in." Both the interior and exterior spaces reflect the owner's need for designed spaces to display both art and sculpture. The site's parti leads one through and around the art and sculpture and encourages an occasional pause to appreciate the thoughtfully placed items.

The owner expressed an interest in sustainable design if the details could be made practical and cost effective. With the use of fiber-cement siding, a rainwater collection system for irrigation, low-water consumption landscaping and a high-performance building envelope, the project provided an opportunity to incorporate sound "green" principles while also creating an interesting design solution.